The Dyslexic Poet

I see you, I see the hatred you feel for me splayed across your gaunt features, but you're not trying to hide it are you. No well mannered fake smile, no pretentious laugh. here's to the bully that punished you with fire, for when they beat you down you raised up higher, so the plot thickens giving viscosity to my fluid curiosities. As you O' gaggle crouch on mysterious topics of whispers and glances. Eyebrows raised to suspicious activity. Your words like sharp pointed beaks tear chunks of self confidence of my brittle skeleton like facade. You're sharp talons gripping me like a snake grips its prey squeezing till they see the weakness they so desperately desire, their nourishment. For what is a bully without his prey. But I refuse to be subjected to your adolescent mind games, and you will not see me break, for I may fall a million times but each time I will rise gallant and up for more! I won't bore! I may fall! But I won't give up! You will see me down, but never out! For up I rise and rise and rise still to the challenge, the challenge of you.. And more so.. so much more than you!

  • Author: The Dyslexic Poet (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 22nd, 2016 17:07
  • Comment from author about the poem: A letter to the bullies..
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    Thanks for sharing DP ~ that is the only way to defeat Bullies ~ show you can take it. When I was young and vulnerable I was often knocked down ~ but NEVER knocked out. Every time I bounced back I got stronger and he got weaker ! One day I hit him back and he was knocked DOWN and KNOCKED OUT ! A Bully is just a Weak Person with a big hat ! ~ Yours BRIAN :o)

  • Tony36

    Digital high five, great write

  • Augustus

    Some neat metaphors.

  • The Dyslexic Poet

    Thanks guys xx

  • vanabba3

    Wow! Haven't seen such a strong heartfelt poem on this topic before. It should be posted in schools across the U.S. since bullying is so widespread and although all these measures to post signs saying "no bullying", it still happens and worse when you try to defend yourself... Great work!

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