Proofread Before Sending

Disregard the text I just sent.

Spoke it wrong, not what I meant.

The words fell in a way unfounded.

Totally the opposite in which it sounded.

It wasn’t that my eyes were blurry.

I point the finger at that DAMNED Siri!

For instance, the word STUCK to spell.

The “F” word appears! What the hell?

You look great, those pants -- all that.

Not in those pants you look really look fat.

I meant to say, “You’re a real smart fella!”

Not that you are a real Fart Smeller!

So be very careful. You have to, indeed.

Before hittting send, you’ve got to PROOF READ!


  • ShadedSorrow

    That happens to me all the time. It can be very funny.

    • WriteBeLight

      I could not agree more. Sometimes when I try to make the correction, it goes anyway! Thanks for reading and the comment.

    • Augustus

      Oh yes. Mine alternates between Spanish and English, so I have to be real careful before hitting send. Thanks for the laugh.

      • WriteBeLight

        You are very welcome!

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Thanks one must always ROOF PREAD or one can end up saying quite the opposite of what one meant. My cat fell for the roof but she just POPPED on her DRAWS and ran away unharmed ! SHANKS for THARING ~ Brours YIAN !

        • WriteBeLight

          You are welcome, and you are very funny!

        • lysistrata

          I just read all 5? Your first needs editing,the rest are much better and deal with similar themes.This is my favourite so far. Keep 😯

          • WriteBeLight

            Agree on the first one. Thanks for your advice! I appreciate that.

          • Tony36

            Happens to me often, great write

            • WriteBeLight

              Proofreading first, means no apology later. Thanks for your comment.

              • Tony36


              • Jeff

                Lol...very funny write...great poem

              • ses

                Brilliant !
                Loved the way you constructed it .
                Fantastic .

              • WriteBeLight

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