I Wish

I wish I could have brought you joy

but instead I've brought you grief

And broke your heart with promises

that were just beyond my reach


I wish I could take back those words

which caused you so much pain

And replaced them with the memories

where only love remains


I wish I could make dreams come true

so you could wish on every star

And embrace the magic on the night

you hold within your arms


I wish I could have taken time

to wipe away your tears

And surround your heart with happiness

to alleviate your fears


I wish I could have been the one

who fulfilled your fantasies

And been the one to encourage you

to follow all your dreams


I wish I could have listened more

with patience in my heart

And held you closer to my side

as we lay there in the dark


I wish I could have thought of this

when at first you got with me

Before I broke your heart with promises

that were just beyond my reach



    Thanks for sharing JEFF it will ring a bell with many. Often after a relationship (which could have lasted much longer) ends we could all mirror your ~ I WISH ~ sentiments ! BRIAN

  • Jeff

    Thank you Brian...I really appreciate your comment

  • Anthony Lawrence

    Amazing poem. It hit close to heart and I hope I can make all my wife's wishes and dreams come true.

    • Jeff

      Cherish every moment could be your last chance....thank you for your comment...I certainly appreciate it

      • Anthony Lawrence

        My wife and I have been together for 3 years and we have been in two different states for a year but its still strong with us... She is a wonderful woman and as long as I tell her how special she is and treat her like a queen she will be

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      • notapoet

        Another great write Jeff, really enjoy your work.

        • Jeff

          Thank you so much...I really appreciate it

        • Augustus

          Jeff, you heartbreaker! Broken promises! All kidding aside, this is neat.

          • Jeff

            Lol...thanks for your comment

          • Tony36

            Great write love it

            • Jeff

              Thank you for your comment

              • Tony36


              • ses

                I loved feeling it while reading it !
                Fantastic poem !

                • Jeff

                  Thank you so much for your comment....I really appreciate it

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