P alais de Versaille ~ give it a try
A rc de Triomphe ~ really has umph
R iver cruise on the Seine ~ now & again
I love the French Wines ~ 15% proof
S ee Mona Lisa so chic in the Louvre !
F RENCH are still our cousins ~ despite BREXIT
R emember to help Immigrants with their exit
A visit to the Restaurants ~ unique Parisian smells
N otre Dame is great to visit ~ Quasimodo rings the Bells
C entre Pompidou has 50,000 works of Modern Art
E very day in Paris tugs the warm Strings of your Heart !
Les Dames de Paris ~ tres Belle et tres Chic ~ TOUSJOURS !
We are very lucky in the UK because for about $600 we
can fly for a week (half board) to any European Capital
This poem is a RHYMING ACROSTIC ~ tres dificile ~ try one !

Wyoming is inspiring
I have been there only once
But it is alive in my heart
So fresh and clear and amazing beauty
I close my eyes and see its naive cuties.

the most beautifuliest place
in the world
is in the heart
of the one you love..

As I close my eyes and look inwardly,
To where my heart once filled with glee,
That treasured part of childhood lore,
Watching the rain from under a leaning door.
The sweet smell of ozone in the air,
Loud yell of thunder follows lighting's glare.
And I beneath my Guardian Angel's winged prayer.

R OMULUS & REMUS Founded The City of Rome 750 BC
O ver 5 million people live in Metropolitan Rome
M illions of tourists visit Rome & Vatican yearly
E very visitor is much enchanted by the Colosseum
I love the River Tiber and all the Bellini Angels
T ourists love the Vatican & Saint Peters Church
A ll hope to see THE POPE I did & the Popemobiie
L ove Cistine Chapel lie on the floor to see ceiling
Y ou must all visit ROME ~ ITALY before you die !
Like Paris & Madrid & Athens ~ ROME is very unique
Thanks for reading Please add your Special Place
Only EIGHT stanzas left ~ Love BRIAN ~ XOXOX

Focus the energy on the positive so when miracles happen they will be above end.
Don't let it all fade when it comes close to being in play
Always keep prayer first to avoid the major burst.

The Côte d'Azur
The French Riviera
Romantic and pure
No place is fairer

Traveling the globe & looking for something new
Not sure what I was looking for
But somehow I found you
It's doesn't matter where I go
Have it be near home or far
All that matter is that I'm with you
No matter where you are

D ESTINY has said People are more important than Places
E ach of us could agree with that ~ People & Places are linked
S IBERIA is not cold and barren if you are are with your Lover
T IMBUKTU is Paradise with the Person of your fondest dreams
I am not a solitary person so I love shared memories of venues
N owhere on Earth is lonely ~ if you are with a true friend
Y ou have to choose which is best ~ Solo or with Company
Thanks to all who have contributed only ~ SIX STANZA remaining ~ BRIAN

N ew Orleans fulfills my dreams, a place of
E picurian delights by all means.
W e dance and drink through the night,
O ur rhythms a mix of ebony and white.
R evelry, music, history and art abound.
L eisurely street cars roll toward Audubon.
E uphoria sparks the Mardi Gras season.
A fterwards lent marks a time for reason.
N ext to the Mississippi the city stands,
S hrine of the South where ships still land.

We all love Lakes and Lakeland scenery
We all love Mountains and Mountain scenary
When we combine the two we get Shangri La !
If you look at a map of the English Lake District
You will se that the centre is the town of Grasmere
From Grasmere 10 major lakes radiate out ~ they are
Like spokes on a wheel ~ with the major peaks
Rising up in between the lake filled valleys.
The English Lake District is very compact
Only 912 squae miles ~ The longest lake is Windermere
Only 11 miles ~ the highest peak is Scafell Pike
Only 3,200 ft high its all on a human scale !
Im biased but I consider it is the most beautiful
Place on Earth. Judge by the picture I have posted !

The only place I feel safe,
Its where the world make sense,
I am in complete control,
A boss of all events,
My room is where I feel safe,
In control and simply free,
My bedroom is the only place,
Where I get to be me.

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