Never will forgive myself

I thought I found a best friend, 

I thought I found someone that would love me no matter what,

But I never thought that loving you would hurt me the way it did, 

I gave in to you so easily like you brainwashed me, 

I was crazy to think you would change one day, 

When in fact all you did was hurt me and cross the limited line you should never have crossed, 

The day I realised I was better off without you in my life was the day I felt like someone slapped me across the face, 

I blame myself though,

I should never have fell for your ways,

The way you could smile and make me forget what you did to hurt me, 

The way you would tell me I know I couldn't live without you, 

I realise now that you hurt me on purpose,

I realise now that you are a bitch and someone who only cares about themselves, 

I will never forgive you but most of all I will never forgive myself, 

I forgave you and forgot and let you control me all over again,

I let you into my life after gluing back my heart after having it shattered by you,

I let my pain slide and I will never forgive myself for choosing you over myself,

I will never forgive myself for loving you,

You're the worst thing that ever happened to me,

I hope you know this...

I've forgiven you but I will never forgive myself.


  • Poetic Dan

    Forgiveness is a powerful tool but should always be used on ourselves first.
    Heartfelt words, I felt the pain

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