Angel Smileyface

I Ran

I ran away 

i really did it at 16

im still just a kid got some

life to live i started cutting to make

the feelings go away because i could'nt handle them.

i just cut deep enough to feel the pain because all i want 

is for my life to end


I ran from my friends

from my mom and brothers 

they all hated me anyways im 

just the kind of person who runs


  • Jeff

    A very sad poem...but a great write

    • Angel Smileyface

      thanks i wanted to add more but i wanted my first one to be short just to tell a tiny bit and leave people wanting more if you know what i mean XD

      • Jeff have definitely done that..great poem

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      • Augustus

        Good job.

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        WELCOME ANGEL ~ Thanks for a very elegantly written firt poem ~ but with a painful content. Life is tough in the 21st C when you are a Teen ~ I was 16 just as the new Century dawned and I didn't cut but I di stupid things to cope with the stress and angst ! otsof my Female friends ran and cut ( which is cathartic but dangerous) so I can empathise ! We survived ~ I'm still single but have a group of supportive Friends and Family which is important. Thanks for sharing more please ! Thinking of you and suportung you ~ thanks for being my FRIEND ~ Yours BRIAN

      • Mads

        Great job I loved it and I related to it very much because I'm almost 16 and did the same exact things. We probably have a lot in common.

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