Where were you?

K.T Williams

I wanted to know you...

when I was younger

when you were the man on top of the world.


I wanted you to hold me

at night when I was scared of the darkness that tainted my dreams.


I wanted you to love me and be proud

but I never seemed to measure up to the expectations.


I needed you.

I needed you to tell me that everything was going to be okay

to wrap me up in your arms as I cried at night.


I needed you. I wanted you. I wanted to know you.

I wanted to make you proud.


But all I saw was disappointment when I looked into your eyes.

I saw the love from a father that I would never know.


You were never really there, really, actually there.

And now I'm all grown up.

And I no longer yearn for the love I never received.



  • Author: K.T. Williams (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: October 1st, 2016 19:37
  • Category: Family
  • Views: 33
  • User favorite of this poem: JohnThomas.
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  • Angel Smileyface

    I know how you feel and im sorry no on should have to go thru that

    • K.T Williams

      Thank you, it means a lot.

      • Angel Smileyface

        I know where you are coming from and it helps to know i am not the only one.

      • Jeff

        A very well written poem...great job

      • JohnThomas

        I lost my family late in life. The pain runs deep. Blood was supposed to be forever. Be strong.

      • kevin browne

        learn to love your own pain and after a while everything becomes a lot easier in life. this poem shows the yearning of a women who needs to ask herself for the cravngs she requires rather than depending on anyone else. keep your mind safe and strong for others around you who let you down. grow your own strength from the person who you are. dig deep girl and you will be surprised what new things you come across. brilliant and a depth of writing which is profound in meaning. keep the spirit alive and raise the roof from your life and explode into action..x.

        • K.T Williams

          Thank you so much. This has really lifted my spirits and given me a new perspective.

          • kevin browne

            we all deserve advice now and again. whether that advice fits or not is down to you to decide and accept. there is no greater being other than yourself in life. that's what our parents want to believe, that each and every individual born grows up to be a decent human being who are trustworthy and have a desire to create a beautiful fun filled life. if ever you're feeling down, lonely and depressed then that too is up to you to defend and to rebuild your mind in which you create your dreams and worlds where you can go to find the solace that you are looking for. not many people can offer the answers to your adversities in life. build up towers of thought that are powerful, beautiful and strong enough to take on any battlefield you find yourself in. you are now equipped with the tools to defend off any threats. keep those tools sharpened and prepared for any wars you encounter. regardless of what those threats are, you are now your own God followed up by the invincibility to win the day.

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