The Dyslexic Poet

Amazing love, how can this be?

Wading shin deep in the rock pool of misfortunes I find my thoughts brought once again to the cross with the ebbs and flows of a wasted life, half on half off, like a signpost twisted in the gale force winds of regret and indecisiveness. I find myself lost in unanswerable questions. Time and time again. Like a breaking shoreline creeping up the bank, the fortress I call my home, built now in sand, by mere children. The walls around my heart so heavily fortified crumble like flaked pastry when afflicted with the preposterous notion of grace.. Grace for me.. Grace from you. And how the depth of your love, truly surpasses all evil, how the life you bring, truly cures this world. And what of you, not constricted by the dimensions in Which we find out Herts.. Outside time and space. Omnipotent in all your spender to shine. You I grasp at straws to glimpse at, yet you I can accept, my heart however is troubled by the fact that I am a blip on you radar. Than more that that you call me child. You call me daughter, and deeper still.. Nailed to wood, lashed, bruised, and soaked with vinegar you would bleed out your heart for me.. So that someday I may learn to love like you. If that's not a God I want to serve with my hole heart nothing is!

  • Author: The Dyslexic Poet (Offline Offline)
  • Published: October 2nd, 2016 06:39
  • Comment from author about the poem: How beautiful gods forgiveness is, and how deep his love for us! X
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    Thanks for your TESTIMONY TDP Amazing LOVE indeed and Amazing GRACE as well ~ Beautiful poem ~ encouraging words ! Yours BRIAN ~ Please check my Poems thanks B

  • The Dyslexic Poet

    Sure will do, glad you liked it! X

  • Augustus


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