The ROBIN is the favorite British Bird
Bright in the eye and bright red in the breast
All other birds I just pass daily by
For me the Robin is the very very best.
Why should this be ~ whats special bout the Robin ?
His cheeky stance ~ his cheeky bobbin dance
Just bobbin ~ bobbin ~bobbin ~ bobb9n
He puts me in a cool sweet mesemeric trance !
The Robin is a very mystic bird
Al the Winter through ~ he stays with you
His trilling notes are heard
As mating Robins bill and coo !
He's pictured on our Christmas cards
Jumpers ~ stamps ~ and Christmas cakes
He's always welcome in our yards
He such a seasonal picture makes
He shivers when the weathers murky
But his fates far better than the Turkey !

The robin has shifted through the years,
Forming as something,
mystic kind creature that has touched many souls,
With its beautiful songs.

The eagle soars high
Judging us from the sky
Peeks and peers for prey
And when he spots his treat there is no delay
Swoops in precise and strong
With his muscular legs and forceful talons
Top of the food chain – the ultimate pillager
Grace plus dominance equals the perfect mixture
Of a representative of state
That resonates
The symbol for clarity and power
Exactly what this country needs at this hour
Let the eagle bear the seal – let its message be heard
Peace over war, E pluribus unum
The eagle - our national bird.

A stork, thin and long neck
Drops your baby,and he needs a rest
shall he build his nest on your roof-
It's not to pest, you have been blessed

Birds as an animal are not that much different from us,
There feathers simply give them a little more bush,
They care for their loved ones as you and I do,
In the cold winter nights, we all muddle through.

Dwindled by DDT half a century,
Pelicans now emerge their hatchery.
Rekindled numbers grace the air
Flying V's in squeaky fanfare.
Though graceful above, they're clumsy below.
See their young hatchlings waddle in tow.
They dive from high to fill their beaks
With mullet and minnows the fish they seek.
Their likeness a family adorns our flag
Louisiana Cajuns sewed to brag.

Bird oh birds you are so fortunate
To have wings and fly above in universe
High in the sky everything is so clean and fresh
Mosaic of colors things, plants and flesh.
You see the big picture, wide landscape
And when you are tired you land on earth.

Perched so beautifully eating, way up high.
I watch you eat, and rest your wings,
take notice when your voice sweetly sing,
I watch you leave and take off into the sky.

White doves keep purity alive
But in this generation there is no us only I
Do or die
It is prime time in this blurred lines
Prince made truth when he said
Doves cry
Who am I to say there isn't beauty in nature
Mankind is nature made but at times mankind crucifies
All ties
All the time
Free my wings when this cage opens
Hope to god my birds fly
Notice how god is spelt with a lower case g
Because here on earth there is no higher power
Youd be surprised
Guns made to kill
Drinks made to numb
People that use people
Hells apprentice has begun
I have robin jays and blue jays
Bloods and crips for the low
Just like moses told those men let my people go
Nobody will control me
Angel wings will free my soul
There it go

BRIAN'S ODE TO A NIGHTINGALE (Acknowledgements to JK)
My head aches and a drowsy numbness pains
My heart as though of HEMLOCK I had drunk
Or guzzled sleeping potions to the drains
One minute past and deep in sleep Id slunk.
Its not through envy of your happiness
That you light winged DRYAD of the trees
Fly free in some enchanted plot
Of beeches green ~ gliding in peace ~ at ease
Singing of Summer in full throated wheeze.
Oh for a draught of nectar that has been
Cooled for an age in the deep delved earth
Tasting of flowers and the country green.
Dance and provincial song and sunkissed mirth.
O for a wineglass full of that warm South
Full of the true and blissful HIPPOCRENE
With beaded bubbles winking at the rim
And I with purple stain-ed mouth.
That I may drink and leave the World unseen
And with you fly away ~ into the forest green !
This is a paraphrase on the first stanza of JOHN KEATS POEM.
Thanks for visiting ~ LOVE BRIAN XOX

  • Authors: BRIANSODES (Pseudonym), Lil Ole Jimmie, daddysgirl, Rosie904, DD., Augustus, AVIGAIL, SSchubert, Bookbag
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  • Limit: 15 stanzas
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  • Comment from author about the poem: BIRDS ~ are amazing and never short of space because they have the whole of the 3D atmosphere. Each Country has its own species and each American State has its own Bird ! New York of course has the BLUEBIRD and seven States have the very beautiful CARDINAL. You might like to add a Stanza about your State Bird or a Bird you like ~ from your State ! Thanks for visiting and contributing ~ BRIAN XOX
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        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          THANKS "O" pleased you liked it ! GOD went to a lot of trouble when he created BIRDS ! BRIAN

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          Wow! I am Amazed one again my friend!. Loved it. Such beauty and detail.

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