Galaxy Gazing

Late at night, the time I can never sleep,

I always look up.


Into the sky, where all the stars lie.

The stars sweetly whisper my name.

Eyes, wide open.

Brain, still racing.

I sit on the ground, listening to the whispering stars.

Watching the glistening lightning bugs soar through the cold, thin air.

Every night,

I'm stuck,

Glaring at the gorgeous galaxy.

The galaxy that's whispering my name.

It seems so far away,

When I reach with my hand,

But every time,

I close my eyes,

It's too close,

And the stars disappear.

Just like the world I used to love,

Just like the life,

I used to live.

And as I look up,

At the stars tonight,

I can hear the whispers,

I can feel the wind.

It feels so close,

So close to the sky falling.

When the sky falls,

I'm always alone.

And when the sky falls,

The whispers get louder,

And the drifts get closer.

The stars, however, my dear friend, never fall.

And these nights,

These long sleepless nights,

This whispering galaxy,

Is the only thing in the world,

That makes me feel,

Like I'm not completely alone.

This whispering galaxy,

Saves me from the melancholy,

And from all the balm,

So that I'm never too calm.

I always feel the need to implore,

But I cannot say anything more,

Nothing more than what the words already know.

Nothing more than what the world,

Can already see.

These words,

That are scrambled in my brain,

Are too absent,

For me to try and explain.

So when you ask,

Come find me,

I'll be galaxy gazing,

While the sky is falling.


  • Author: Madison Harmony (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: October 5th, 2016 12:19
  • Category: Sad
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    WELCOME MADISON ~ Thank you for a very elegant first poem. Lots of rhythm and flow an easy to read an recite. There is some pathos but I am pleased you find such solace in the stars. Please check my Poems ~ Yours BRIAN.

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