Beware!  By: Michael Vanderhoof


Again the time does fall on another rainy day,

where the clouds are ever longing, with a darkness here to stay.

The leaves are somewhat molding, faded colors all around,

many costumed fun-filled fantasies is all that can be found.


As they gather past-lived memories, on this darkest of all nights,

collecting tasty treasures is first-hand in all their sights.

They see no hidden dangers, heed no warnings while on the path,

hoping no one is a stranger and they will come to no man’s wrath.


Getting children safely home should be your only fear,

the darkness will embrace them, only whispers you will hear.

Hug that special trick-or-treater before they leave your door,

As the streetlights look the other way, and shine their lights no more.


I pray with all my heart that this day will soon be done,

though children like it dearly, all the candy, all the fun.

And on the deepest, darkest night, I hope you say a prayer.

To God above, that those you love are safe from harm… Beware!







  • Whimsical_1

    This is great!! I have no words. I really like the flow and the spooky Halloween feel but it's more than just that. Or I may be reading to deep into this, but for me it's more of a heading of everyday life that people only seem to enforced when they feel compelled


    HALLOWEEN ~ is the best of time and the worst of times ! Because it's spooky and fantasy Parents let their children out and about dressed very spooky and they knock on doors and challenge strangers to TRICK or TREAT. We have to be dilligent ! At Church we have a LIGHT PARTY for about 50 kids with FUN & GAMES But under supervision ~ Yours BRIAN. Please check my poems ~ Thanks B


      Thanks VANABBA for a wider interpretation. There is a lot of darkness "Men love darkness rather than light because their deeds are evil ~ There are Females who love darkness as well ! In the UK there is a lotbof child abuse by people in Show Business and Positions of Authority etc. I am single but I I had children my wife and I would be very protective of sons and daughters in resect of the internet and in respect of predators _ OK ~ Thanks BRIAN (UK 33).

    • Alda

      so true!! as a parent I can feel all the fears. As a child I only felt the fun.

      • Alda

        Will look forward to reading them each day.

        • Alda

          ok I will look at them.

        • Candlewitch


          Halloween, (or All-Hallows-Even) is a holiday with roots in Pagan history. it is the night before All-Saints-Day. Halloween night people wore scary costumes to keep the walking dead away. on All-Hallow's-Eve, the veil between the living and the dead was supposed to be very thin. your poem is two fold, with deeper meanings, and brilliant imagery! I much enjoyed this!!!

          *hugs, Cat

        • Tamara Beryl Latham - The Poet

          The poem has a nice cadence and the message of "beware" is a good one for all the trick or treaters.

          Great imagery and rhythm complement this scary Halloween poem. Great job! 🙂

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