Great horned

An owl cries in the dead of night
Perched on a branch, he leaps to take flight
Swooping through branches, rotting and old
The story he tells, begins to unfold

So I am told in days of old
The GREAT HORNED STAG was very bold
Antler Horns with fourteen points
Gives me a thrill ~ through all my joints
I shoulder my gun ~ he's in my sight
But to kill such majesty ~ what a plight !
I'm afraid that my inner conscience scorns
My right to shoot any creature with horns !
My next contribution will be about a BULL !

This story continues, do not alarm
As told by the owl with horns so adorned.
He flew over Britain in search of Brian,
To warn of the Stagg in his sights aligned.
Put down your rifle oh hunter below,
The brown stagg you see is not your foe.
Conserve your bullets for another fight.
For soon the devil will be in your sights.

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