Anna Becker

I can't hear your heartbeats like I used to

I find it hard to look at the changing seasons

It’s hard to look at you rising with the wind

Changing and adapting like the scattering leaves


I never truly thought things would go back to normal

After I gave you something unreturnable


I thought things would change

I didn’t think you would


But now I’m looking over to your familiar face

Your now unfamiliar voice

Different tone and echoed laugh


The things I love about you slipping away

I want to catch them as they slip but they dissolve in my hands

The things I hate about you colorful in your face

I want to fade them away but they come back brighter each time


I find it hard to look at the life before the end of our season

I wanted the season to last for a lifetime

But you know seasons, they never never do

It hard for me to understand how people grow apart

It isn't natural to feel so much and be so far


It’s Something I will never comprehend

Something I don't want to understand between me and you


I watch the pavement change with the weather

So much light, and then so much dark

I feel the distance between our heart widening

Your heartbeats are fainter and im not hearing them like I should


Oh how I listened so hard,

Not a sound


I cry sometimes


Thinking about the way you were

The way we aren't anymore


Thinking about the sun losing warmth

You were my sun, how will I grow


How will I live

It’s hard for me sometimes, why isn’t it hard for you too

  • Author: Anna Becker (Offline Offline)
  • Published: October 15th, 2016 18:29
  • Comment from author about the poem: This song is about the thought process of someone you love falling out of love for you and the pain it causes
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