You're Not Alone

Whenever one feels alone, look deep within and you'll find all the beauty to feel at home. You should never be against your heart, the heart tells you when and where to do what part. The greatest thing for a person to know, is that they are equal to all and never below. You have a purpose on this planet, and it's up to you to find and pursue that special piece more precious than granite.



    WELCOME BSMOOTH (Great name !) I love the optimism in your poem. We are all precious ~ unique ~ equal and we all have special purpose. My experience is that when I find my NICHE ~ I am never alone. Great message and great structure replete with rhyme and rhythm . I would like to see it written in lines (poetic form) but the written structure is your choice ! Thanks for sharing more please ~ Yours BRIAN ~ Please check my poems ~ Thanks.

    • BSmooth

      Thank you so much, ive got a lot more already written, and i do prefer written form for some reason.. Seems to B Smooth lol

    • Tony36

      The heart is AWESOME, Great write

      • BSmooth

        Thanks and ive got a lot more to come

        • Tony36

          Can't wait to read them

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