CATS for me are the greatest pets
Cute and cuddly frisky and fun
Dont cost the earth when you go to the Vets
They love to play and jump and run
Ever since I was a baby
My Mum had cats about the house
I wanted a dog but my Mum said maybe
But a dog would never catch a mouse !
Kittens hairy ~ Tigers scary
Youll find the cat is where the mat is
Mad cats turn our house topsy turvy
BUT Mum says HOME is where the CAT IS !
OK Im crazy about CATS ~ what is your favorite ?
Thanks for reading ~ thanks for adding a Stanza

Though in recent year I had two cats,
Dogs is my favorite animal that touches my heart.
When you look deeply into their eyes,
Their spirit talks though them and loves arise.
They are loyal and smart and keep you safe,
Even the small once can be very brave.

I grew with Tarzan and his retinue.
Cheetah was his name, a monkey of fame.
How much fun to mimic the mimicker,
Such authentic joy, the thoughts reoccur,
Wanting so–to be, this care free monkey
Grew and came true, I'm not anything like me.

Angel Fish ~ Black Piranha ~ Clown Fish ~ Discus
Elephant Nose ~ Firemouth ~ Guppy ~ Harlequin
Indian Mudskipper ~ Jack Dempsey ~ Kissing Gourami
Lemon Cichlid ~ Molly ~ Neon Tetra ~ Oscar
Parrot Fish ~ Queen Guppy ~ Red Pacu ~ Scat
Tiger Barb _ Umbrella Fish ~ Vermillion Tetra
White Piranha ~ Xray Tetra ~ Yellow Lab ~ Zebra Danio
If you live in a flat TROPICAL FISH are very amusing !

Molly’s a four-year old cocker spaniel
But she really thinks she’s a Cheshire cat
We saw her next to the Yankee candle
On the countertop! That’s where she sat
Yes, Molly’s naughty but easy to handle
She’s my girl; she’s been through a lot!

Though insects are amusing with their thousands of eyes
Dogs are where my heart lies
With many different types such as schnauzers, labs and danes (oh my)
dogs will love you even if you don't try

H ORSES the animals most beloved by Man
O wning a Horse is expensive of course ~ Please
R ide a Horse (hard hat of course) whenever you can
S ilver Queen was a Horse that I rode ~ long long long ago
E very time I see horses they remind me of her I used to know
S hire Horses a wonderful sight ~ Mane so platted ~ brasses so bright
Have you ever ridden a Horse ~ If not why not ? Love BRIAN XOXOX

My favorite animal?
Fish, specifically a gold fish.
Because when they look at you through their beady black eyes
They look to be almost smiling
And nothing is better than a hidden smile.

I ask
Why do people hate
A beautiful creature such as the snake?
It glides,struts even.
The snake knows who's best.
Who can even dare to protest

What a majestic creature they are, emus
you see them as weak
you see them as prey
yet their quick
yet their precise
They're out of your ordinary and commonly mistaken
They're absolutely unique

Their eyes
powerful and mysterious
leave your heart beating,
frozen in place.
That fear,
let it freeze before you,
let it shatter by your feet
on a stage of chilly white
under one great spotlight.
They are not here to hurt you.
They are here to join you
in song to the moon,
to honor the beauty in the night.
Learn from the wolf,
find strength in the dark.

Man You Incredible at the writting poetry thing.Good work! Amazing!

FROGS can be any color
Frogs can be any size
Frogs look cute in their birthday suit
Frogs have amazing eyes
Frogs can be BLACK aa a Coalmans sack
Frogs can be PINK or BROWN like mink
Frogs can be GREEN and BLUE Ive seen
Frogs are GODS joke
Frogs jump and Frogs croak
Frogs make the World a much better place
Frogs always have a smile on their face
Frogs love to warble Frogs love to sing
Frogs make better Husbands than Kings
Frogs love to mate and they really look great
Frogs mate at Dawn ~ produce masses of spawn
Frogs make my day ~ FROGS RULE ~ OK !
FROGS & OWLS show GOD has a sense of humor

Hunted for status.
There are 300 left.
They have the right to hate us.
We are in God's debt.
Black rhinos are in extreme danger,
So I thought I'd write about them here.

  • Authors: BRIANSODES (Pseudonym), AVIGAIL, Augustus, Vic E, J.S.E, pastaclouds, CC, lre, Sarah Abbott, FruitfulSpirit
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  • Finished: October 18th, 2016 05:08
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  • Comment from author about the poem: There are thousands of species of ANIMALS so we should easily fill 15 stanzas ! If you want to add another stanza about CATS ~ thats OK as long as its yiour favorite animal. Thanks for visiting and thanks for adding another stanza to what is a great subject. Love to All BRIAN ~ CATMAN XOX
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  • denise ducey kloeppel

    I can't decide I've had so many pets a raccoon, goats, lots of dogs and cats, opossums, baby deer, skunk foxes, they all have held a very special place in my heart and made me so happy.


      THANKS DENISE ~ Thanks for your interesting comment ~ so many pets ! You can't add a STANZA to that one because it is complete ! My latest one is on FLOWERS but you have to click on DEVELOPING ~ to add a STANZA ~ OK ~ Yours BRIAN

      • denise ducey kloeppel

        I'm not sure what it is can you message me what to do?

      • Efthimios William Cornelius

        i love cats but I'm more of a dog person my dog is like my best bud
        she knows when I'm feeling down and she's always there to bring me up
        But i loved the poem

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