The thoughts of a teacher's pet


I am a teacher's pet, I'm diligent and well-read,
But nobody knows that all this work wreaks havoc in my head.

I may work hard in every class, and always have good grades,
But those marks can't be achieved without my knives and blades.

I'm always punctual to my classes, moving swiftly across the floors,
But even so, it's a mystery what I do behind closed doors.

I smile sweetly at my peers each and every school day,
But in my head I want to die, I'm worthless anyway.

I am a teacher's pet, and forever shall I be,
But only for so long can I hide my scars, in places they can't see.

  • Author: SakuraSkye (Offline Offline)
  • Published: October 18th, 2016 15:40
  • Comment from author about the poem: This poem just describes how I feel at the moment. I work so hard at school to please my teachers, but I suffer because I don't let myself enjoy life. I just work. It makes me hate life, hate myself. But they don't know that. My scars are hidden by fake smiles.
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    WELCOME SAKURA ~ Thanks for your first poem .. Pulsating with rhythm and rhyming couplets ! BUT a disconcerting subject ! You should gt out more. Self harming is never the answer ~ relax and reduce your stress. I always tried to please my Teachers (in the UK they are not too tough !) but also relaxed as well. Being the TP is great ~ BUT don't pay too high a price ! Thanks for sharing I trust you found it cathartic ! Yours BRIAN Please check my POEMS ~ Thanks B

  • SakuraSkye

    Thank you.
    I live in the UK for a matter of fact.
    Pretty much all of my teachers are really nice to me. I just fear that I would let them down, so I push myself beyond the boundary to be the best, even if that means sacrificing my mental health and physical health.
    I just want to make them happy with me, and I want them to praise me.
    My harming isn't too serious, I make sure to look after the cuts properly too. I'm fine.

    Thank you,

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