Calla Lily

In my sacred place I spy you.

How dare you flaunt like you do?

I watch you grow from seeds I've sown.

Your curves superior to my own.


Your sex is plain to see.

Drawing the humble honeybee

in with your succulence.

Watching as you dance,


freely with the wind and rain.

I stand by like a hideous bane.

Jealous of something I'll never be.

Fertile, purple, strong and free.


Dare I pluck you here and now?

Keep your splendors to me somehow?

Put you in a vase and imprison thee.

Flaunt your beauty only to me.


  • Wolf2778

    Im listening to the song doll house by Melina Martinez... It went so perfectly

  • Christina8

    Thank you. I never thought anyone would read this! LOL

  • 🐤s.zaynab.kamoonpuri🌷😸

    Wow, humble honeybee , loved the mention in this gorgeous poem in enviable flow. U rhyme superbly and the imagery is unique. Kudos.

    Pls do check out my latest poem too. I'm a new poet here but have been writing poetry since years and readers enjoyed it elsewhere until I found this site and wish to make new poem pals.

  • Christina8

    Thanks, most people don't find as much interest in this poem even though I think its one of my better ones. Yes I'd love to check out your poem and be new poem pals!

  • Wolf2778

    Im listening to the song doll house by Melina Martinez... It went so perfectly

    • Christina8

      You already replied to my poem a few days ago but I'm still honored to have a wonderful review! Thanks!!

    • ron parrish aka wordman

      beautiful sentiment.

      • Christina8

        Thanks so much!

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        WOW CHRISSY THIS IS AWESOME & SO SO SENSUOUS ~ How did I miss it ? Perhaps I was on Holiday ? All LILLIES are beautiful and "Even Solomon in all his Glory was not arrayed like one of these !" I love the structure of th poem ~ Rhyming Couplets in neat quatrains ~ my favorite ! The subject and language are also sublime. You love the Lilly's ~ shape ~ sexiness ~ shade ~ scent & sheen and you are jealous of a FLOWER ~ how feminine ! I hope you didn't pluck it ~ Flowers are most sensuous (like Ladies !) in their own environment ! Thanks for sharing ~ Heavenly HUGS ~ BRIAN

        • Christina8

          Thanks for reading! I have a oil painting of pink Callas in my dining room and I pretended to be jealous of the curves and scent, just like you said. My dilemma was to pluck it or not and make it mine. Fantasy of course because it's a painting. HUGS back-Christina

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            WOW ~ A Painting ~ lovely imagination you have ~ no need to pluck ~ thank GOD. I have two original OIL PAINTINGS of CALLA LILLIES painted by a Friend of mine in Mexico ~ One is a single Lily which I have in the Flat and the other is a vase of Lillies which my Mum has at home. I agree with you ~ they are beautiful and could easily spawn a Poem as yours has. Heavenly Hugs ~ BRIAN

          • Neville

            The Calla Lily is indeed a most beautiful thing to behold.. and when spied from a secret special place , I imagine the beauty would be enhanced ... nicely penned throughout and with a covert slightly erotic flavour to it...... Neville

            • Christina8

              I hoped you would spy my favorite poem!! I love this one! Thank you so much for reading it and replying. --Christina

              • Neville

                nowt but a genuine pleasure.... N

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