the bag


From the minute we are born, we carry a bag on our backs.

We fill it with joy and sadness, good experience and bad ones.

As we grow, the bag gets heavier and heavier.

We fill it with material assets and dreams and money and wishes and disappointments, and a car and furniture and a house and love and children.


We are all temporary here and then after the average of 85 – we all dis-appear.

We - the ugly and the beautiful,

The smart and the foolish,

The professor in the university and the guy in the jungle,

The respectful leader and the regular man,

The powerful executive and the garbage collector,

The admired politician and simple citizens.


Like little children in kindergarten, we fight for THE MORE as an illusion for power and stability:

My God is better

My land is bigger

My people are smarter.


What would happen if we join humanity’s resources to solve problems instead of competing?

We can remotely drive Curiosity Rover in MARS, but we don’t know what is a thought, or how to cure Alzheimer.


What is left is our bag’s after we departure to other dimensions?

Eventually it will “go with the wind” as well.


You probably see garage sales that are held by grown up children after their parents’ death.

Children sell or throw cloth, books and many things their parents cherished and collected with sentiments over the years.

It may happen to your bags' content as well.

We are all temporary here, then we dis-appear.


Let’s give birth to a multi-minds dialogue and collaborate  for the benefit of advancing humanity and earth.

  • Author: AVIGAIL (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: October 24th, 2016 14:45
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  • Augustus

    As a "soon to disappear" with lots of baggage I can relate. Enjoyed.

    • avigail

      Dear Augustus, please adopt my perception - no matter what age - either we are here or not.
      the art of living if i may - when we are here - let's expand our awareness and perception and live in the now.

      • Augustus

        I'm trying, God knows I'm trying.

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Thanks AVI for "More words of wisdom" Currently my BAG is small but my heart is bigger ! Love & HUGS BRIAN XOX

        • avigail

          hugs and love dear brother Brian 🙂

        • caroline-o

          very thoughtful piece, well written as well! i like the way you think 🙂

          • avigail

            thank u Caroline 🙂

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