Your soft brown coat,

Shimmers in the night.

Your eyes they twinkle,

In the bright starlight.

Something spooks you,

And off you go with a buck,

Your gallop quick as lightning.

One that saddle is strapped on,

You're a dancer,

Never missing a step.

I brush you everyday,

Hair would fly,

Sweat would drip.

My nose to your back,

That unique mix,

Of leather, sweat and manure.

Your lips quiver encouraged by my touch.

Your gallop,

So wild and free,

Your mane and tail flowing,

So gracefully in your gate.

Your limp was the warning,

That led to your demise,

That last trail ride,

You cocked your head,

To listen to my kiss,

And the wind in the trees.

You made me smile.

You used to carry my weight around,

And now you're as weightless as the sun.

  • Author: kittiekite09 (Offline Offline)
  • Published: October 30th, 2016 01:07
  • Category: Friendship
  • Views: 36
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    -WELCOME KITTIE ~ This is a very elegant and personal first poem ~ thank you for sharing ! I like the structure short lines and full of rhythm almost a trot ! It relates the wonderful story of you intimate relationship with BO BO (lovely name) from your meeting to his demise ! In my experience all Young Ladies who ride ~ fall in love with their mounts. Men respect their horses Ladies revere them ! More poems please ! Yours BRIAN

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