Moth to Flame


A delicate creature, with wings so paper thin
The moth starts it’s journey with a purpose from within.
To reach for the moon where the light calls upon
the naive little creature who’s life has just begun.
It’s instincts to fly straight, without distraction
Are scuppered by a more powerful attraction;
A flame ignites in the distant sight
A candle burns brightly against the black night.
The moth is compelled to turn it’s head
To a much more desirable goal far ahead.
The glow of the flame hypnotises the creature
Far more desirable with it’s beautiful features
Than the soft round moon hanging far far away
The flame calls to the moth, we can dance and play.
The moth can’t resist, try as it might
It flies drunkenly in love to the source of the light.
The flame dances and flirts with the soft, sweet breeze
It takes over the moths thoughts, so easy to please
The way the flame moves, unpredictable yet pure
Softly flickering in the moonlight, it’s irresistible allure
Addicted now, it’s path is now set
To the excitement the flame promises, the hit it will get
The moth now transfixed, close to the danger that lies
Feels the intense heat through it’s body as it flies
It cannot stop now, it wants more and more
It’s almost there, to the flame’s core
The tips of the fragile wings catch the flame
And set fire to the moth. They are now the same.
The moth is a flame, floating in the nights sky
Up towards the moon, above the clouds so high.

  • Author: scorchedwings (Offline Offline)
  • Published: October 31st, 2016 11:34
  • Comment from author about the poem: We are all moths willing for something better. \r\nSometimes that something is not what it seems. \r\nSometimes we get scorched.
  • Category: Love
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  • Christina8

    Beautiful and amazing rhymes! Nice job!

    • scorchedwings

      Thank you so much chrissy8.
      Means a lot for my first poem. Xx

    • Liam Lawless

      Amazing First Poem. Very Enticing. Lovely Work.

      • scorchedwings

        Thanks so much. I have more waiting in the line to post! X

      • Tony36

        Love it great write

        • scorchedwings

          Thank you for reading! X

          • Tony36


          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            WELCOME SW ~ Awesome first poem. ~ pulsating with rhyme and rhythm. Love rhyming couplets ~ makes it lovely to read and easy to recite ! Love the subject MOTH TO FLAME ~ This is the title of a Jim Reeves song "LIKE A MOTH TO A FLAME" about his LADY being drawn in by the bright lights of the CITY. Your poem has a sad but fitting end the MOTH and the FLAME become one ! Thanks for sharing ~ more please BRIAN ~ Please check my poems ~ B

            • scorchedwings

              Wow! Thank you Brian for taking time to read. I have many many more I can't wait to post but this one is my favourite and my most personal in a way. I wanted to share this one first with you all. Thanks for your encouragement, I'll certainly enjoy being on here and reading others too. xx

              • BRIAN & ANGELA

                THANKS SW ~ That's the way MPS functions ! I post a detailed comment to show I have read the POEM ! I am an encourager. In return someone will comment on mine, MPS is a proactive site. Pleased you will be posting more ! Yours BRIAN

              • magno1988

                Amazing!! Perfectly written!

              • paddy68

                good rhythm

                • scorchedwings

                  Thank you for reading paddy x

                • Augustus

                  There are a number of things I like about this poem. First, I was amazed at the steps/process of moth to flame. The reader is tantilizing drawn with the moth on its journey. Second, it reads like a piece of music starting softly, then deliberately, and continued to build to a crescendo. Well done and welcome.

                  • scorchedwings

                    Oh my! I'm overwhelmed. Thank you!
                    It's so joyful to get lovely compliments. Thank you so much x

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