Multi directions movement of non-tangible objects in wireless threads, such as thoughts, emotions, sensations, memories, imagination and believes,

Connect us to a dynamic huge spaghetti or gigantic multi minds organism.


Will we forever, be in a contiguous search for the ultimate answers?


What are we doing here?  And how can we understand reality with limited capacity?


Is high intelligent entity out there, sits with his remote device and laughs as he clicks between our minds contents?

Will he ever be bored?

Will he change the rules of the game? Or non interference is his strategy,

After setting the ultimate rules of awareness?


  • Tony36

    Great write

    • avigail

      thanks Tony :)

      • Tony36


      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        THANKS AVI ~ In my World view ~ GOD does monitor all our actions. He logs but does not legislate because He knows our actions will have their own (often disastrous) consequences ! Thanks for sharing and caring ~ Love BRIAN ~ HUGS

        • avigail

          in my perception this is the game of awareness. the rules out there and we have the choices to decide and collaborate to expand perception, be coherent and with integrity. Love and hugs Brian

        • My Dark Nature

          I loved the complexity of your poem. It was an enjoyable read.

          • avigail

            thank you - Light :)

          • Augustus

            I am sure when that entity clicks on your mind he / she does not yawn. Nicely done.

            • avigail

              thank u dear Augustus

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