A- abhorring

M- malicious

E- esoteric

R- ruthless 

I- insulting

C- corrupt

A- atrocious

N- Nemesis


L- larcenous

E- evil

A- annihilators

D- demonic

E- egoic

R- racists 

S- sinister



    THANKS BSMOOTH ~ for a very damning "single word acrostic" about (I presume ?) the two front runners in the UK Election TRUMP and MS CLINTON. Both leave much to be desired and sometimes America gets the President it deserves. Due to "checks & balances" their extreme policies will be reigned in but the future is bleak ! If I could vote I would choose Hillary because she has the Political Experience which Trump sadly lacks. Yours BRIAN (UK)

    • BSmooth

      It was actually a shout about the US in geberal since the beginning and even until present. Hillary may have been in politics for three decades, but name one thing she has accomplished? Im not saying Trump is better at all, they all suck, all leaders are crooked lol. I really disapprove of all leaders because of their wicked intentions. These people are criminals and soothsayers and break all their vowes. Just a piece of my mind

    • 🐤s.zaynab.kamoonpuri🌷😸

      Woahba ranting political poem expressing the dejection with the leaders in quite what I tink true words. Leaders are quite useless to the masses everywhere I tink. This was a clever acrostic in strong words.
      Nice to read from u again, hope u will my latest too.

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