Your love


Your love is true but painful,like the bullet of a gun
as the trigger is released and the last shot is done.
Your love is like a long awaited package, screaming to be open
but as you slowly tear it you know the excitement is now broken.
Your love is like a deep dark forest, that promises new adventure,
but as you trek through the woods you know there's no way back from the centre.
Your love is like a dawning sun, hiding the upcoming storm, and even though its
lied to you, you still adore it most of all.
Your love is like a dwindling fire, approaching it's deaths door, but still you
sit there hanging on to the last flame begging it for more.
Your love is like a pack of cards, not knowing what you'll get, but once your dealt hand is
good, the gamble you forget.
Your love is like a healing scab, covered over and protected, yet I still pick at it knowing
i'll soon be lectured.
Your love is like tattoo, eternal and true, but that doesn't mean it doesn't come with regrets
and a judgment or two.
And how you feel about me? I still have no clue, but after all you put me through, I still love you
for being you.

  • Author: G F L (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 3rd, 2016 23:55
  • Comment from author about the poem: Love conquers all
  • Category: Love
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    WELCOME MOON CHILD ~ Thank you for a very personal poem with excellent structure and content. The rhythm suits the subject and it is enhanced by your excellent use of "rhyming couplets". In my experience the bonds of MALE ~ FEMALE love are very very powerful and allow us to overlook its discrepancies. I can empathise with many of the points you make. As a MALE I do apologise that in a loving relationship we often (unwittingly ?) take more than we give and yet you love us even more ! I love all your metaphors ~ an awesome poem ~ Yours BRIAN

  • JohnThomas

    You know the secrect language of the heart. Its powerful highs and unforgiving lows. Stunning.

  • Kitkat231997

    Wow nice write

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