Love surrounds

Every day I spend loving you is

another day my love has amplified.

Finding a way to expand my heart

so all the love can fit inside.


It always seems there is no room

left for my overflowing heart to mature.

But, love as it always does finds

a place for our passion, to be sure.


And even though my soul is full to

the point where it feels like its bursting,

my love always accommodates yours,

you never leave me wanting or thirsting.


I will joyfully be showered by your sweet

words and laughter as our love abounds.

Knowing it will find refuge in our hearts.

Our ever maturing love surrounds.


  • avigail

    lovely, simple and comes from the heart :)

    • Christina8

      Thanks so much!


      CHRISTINA ~ This is so so beautiful it made me cry ! I read it again and again. This is the type of love we all seek ~ from the heart ! I love the concept that such love AMPLIFIES (day by day) and also MATURES but never fully SATISFIED. More than HAPPY is the MAN who would be deemed worthy of sharing such love with a LADY as Beautiful (in mind ~ body ~ soul) as you are ! Love and Hugs ~ BRIAN

      • Christina8

        Did you really?! I'm glad I posted today then. Thank you for the compliments! Someday you will have such a love if you don't already!! Love and hugs-Christina

      • mylittleheart

        This is absolutely beautiful!

        • Christina8

          Thank you so so much!!

        • Tony36

          Simple sweet and awesome

          • Christina8

            I think thats your best reply so far, thanks Tony!

            • Tony36


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