My current car is a Vauxhall Banger
Runs quite well when going downhill
I just hope some one doesnt prang her
I cant afford the Garage bill !
Bright red ~ hot rod ~ perfect car
Envy of me neighbours Wizard Prang
Eatin up the milage like a chocolate bar
All I want for Christmas is a brand new moter
Drivin out in style goin extra mile
All the Girls will love me in me Moter an me Boater
On Christmas mornin really see me SMILE
Thanks for reading ~ What would you like ? BRIAN

Im a social and wellness entrepreneur
My wish is for some angel investor to open the door
To money and help me with my projects,
To implement new paradigm wellness concepts:
Vibroacoustic therapy to reduce stress
At home , on the go and in workplace
It also reduce pain, insomnia and anxiety
It increase vitality, sanity and life quality

I'd like my kids to get a few things they want
My wishes aren't so much for me
I'd give up all my christmas presents.
I'd like humanity to get along.
But my biggest hope for Christmas
Is that the hungry have a full belly
And that the poor know Hope
this happy holiday christmas season

My biggest wish this Christmas season
Is that I'll go back home and see
that things are just the same
as how I left them.
I can't give this wish a reason
and I'm sure I'm wishing selfishly,
but I hope they remember I came
and it's like I haven't left them.

My only wish for Christmas is that society will get along and tryst each other with not fighting, yelling, stealing, or killing for everybody to make peace and the one thing I want for Christmas is books to keep me entertained. so i cuddle up on the couch and read.

  • Authors: BRIANSODES (Pseudonym), AVIGAIL, Christina, Christina K, Gothic_Girl
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  • Finished: November 12th, 2016 23:08
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  • Stephanie Showers

    My Christmas list this year is small
    I don’t mean to sound humble
    No not at all
    For the one thing I want the most
    Comes with good cheer
    And congratulatory toast
    All I want is this year
    Is the simplest thing
    Yes this is the year
    I want my ring
    The symbolism is lost I think
    But not for me
    It’s the truth about feelings
    And life as we know it
    Staying together
    Or is time to forfeit
    That’s right its an ultimatum so divine
    So grant me my wish this year
    At Christmas time


      YES STEPH ~ An engagement ring or a wedding ring is one of the most precious Christmas Presents a Man can give his Lady. Every blessing for Christmas ~ Love & Hugs ~ BRIAN

      • Stephanie Showers

        Did I even do this fusion thing right? thanks!

      • Sarah Abbott

        What I want for Christmas
        is what it always is-
        to be home with family
        in front of a roaring fire
        while cinnamon buns bake
        in the oven.
        Finding cozy socks in my stocking
        chapstick, and food magazines too
        while Kenny G plays "Let It Snow".
        A different wish for this year
        is to bring my love for the first time
        to connect my two favorite wings
        with the most fluttering butterflies.

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          Thanks SARAH for your beautiful thoughts ~ Hugs BRIAN

        • willyweed

          I want a big party;

          They are throwing a big party
          At the Adams house tonight
          Roasting Christmas carolers
          And the fires will be bright
          They’re going to set a bear trap
          To try and catch St. Nick
          Although he's fat and jolly
          He really is quite quick
          Gomez and Morticia
          And Uncle Fester too
          Are wrapping up some dead things
          To give to me and you
          Grand ma ma is cooking
          And Lurch will entertain
          Thing will close the windows
          To muffle screams of pain
          Wednesday and Puggsly
          And cousin it as well
          Are throwing a big party
          But you may not live to tell
          So if you’re coming over
          Bring a friend along
          If they won't sing the carols
          At least they'll keep us warm

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            Thansk WILLY ~ Grat poem ~ Great party ~ Yours BRIAN

          • larosamarchitada

            For christmas this year I wish to forget through happiness
            I wish to be so happy I forget two Christmas Eve’s ago
            A night in which OUR favorite holiday ceased to be OUR’S
            I wish that I will be so happy with my family
            I wish that I can enjoy all the festivities
            I wish that on Christmas Eve I don’t remember and awaken Christmas morning without OUR painful memories

          • Elegant_Style

            I just want a gift card to Books-A-Million

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