Everything about you drives me mad.

Your lips, your hands, your touch.


Something so soft and so subtle at first, but quickly turns into something we both can't control.


Short, quick pants. 

Slick, wet skin.

Swollen, sore lips.


These things only come when I'm intertwined with you.

So much lust and sexual frustration built up.

Like a volcano moments away from erupting.


When we finally collide it's almost too intense to handle.

I feel everything all at once and become so overwhelmed.

But I would never tell you to stop.


I want you to bathe me in bruises  that come from your teeth.

Letting everyone know I belong to you.

Leaving a summary of the night before on my neck.


I want you to torture me with your tongue.

Lapping me up so painfully slow that my whole body aches.

My whimpers humming in your ears like a song you've memorized by heart.

Only causing you to lick my wet sex even slower, so it will be repeated. 


I want you to have your way with me.

Biting, nipping, grabbing, and smacking me in places that only you see.

Pulling my hair and telling me what a naughty girl I am.


But most of all, I want you to love me the way I love you. 












    BEAUTIFUL LYNN ~ Love the visual and the thought and actions behind it ! Thanks fro a very erotuc poem describing the senses and sensations we experience when we are in love and making love ! The touches ~ kisses ~ scents ~ tastes ~ bites and slaps ~ loves perfections ~ Hugs ~ BRIAN

  • Tony36

    Awesome Awesome Awesome write

    • domdom_lynn

      Thank you!!!!

      • Tony36


      • Christina8

        I loved this write along with the visual. Very erotic poem-great read!

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