One Bark Away

Threesome, twosome, to one bark away

From an empty dish under a limp leash

Leaving horizontal days past

Pulling me about the riverfront;

And back to an empty house

Where warning snouts

Filtered strangers without


Walls, where four eyes bathed

Near the fireplace

While the ones closed in my lap

Beneath the tender scratch

Of a hand that led them all

By fingered command -

Sit. Stand. Heel. Crawl.


To the night memories close as lungs

Collapse and two eyes above a warmed whimper and mine

Gather the dull gaze of a door whose pending chime

Startles one last weak, troubled, muffled, bubbled Bark.




Augustus / Folsom / October 2016


  • Christina8

    A very nice poem. But its so sad to see our pets leave us. Well done.

    • Augustus

      I still cry for one special dog I had. Thanks.

    • Vic E

      Fitting tribute

      • Augustus

        Thanks Vic.

      • WriteBeLight

        Part of the family, that is for sure!

        • Augustus

          Thanks WBL. Yes family

        • Tony36

          Great write. Loosing pets is never easy

          • Augustus

            Xwives are much easier.

            • Tony36

              I wouldn't know, I have never been married.

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              THANKS "A" One of the problems with pets (unless they are Elephants) we always outlive them and we always get closer than we should ! It is especially hard for kids. Thanks for caring BRIAN

              • Augustus

                Turtles can outlive us. One of my pet peeves is that parents replace the pet before the child has a chance to grieve. Thanks.

              • Augustus

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