Aa Harvey

The Endless Poem : Part One

And so it begins with a wish to create art;
All that I am is a lost soul in the dark.
Words give us meaning and we are forever reaching for the stars,
But I alone cannot do this; so aid me in my adventure into a new beginning and a poem written from our hearts...

From thoughts, to words; from pen to paper
The tunes in our minds dance and caper;
Finding peace, to have had it all along
The beats in our hearts thump to the same song...

This will be an endless work
As we lurk
in the shadows waiting to write
about the hearts of those in dark and light...


  • notapoet

    We will write them all
    in many different styles
    hoping to touch hearts
    and make faces smile...

    • Aa Harvey

      The time has run out on this part of the poem, but all is not lost if it becomes contagious,
      For the poem is Endless so the next part shall begin.
      If we help others to see that this beginning is continuous,
      Maybe they too shall contribute their own verse and in the end we will all be able to show what we have within.

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