Hebrew Israelite Woman

Lets address whats evident
In this room There's an Elephant.
Why do you see us as being irrelevant.
Just because our skin was kissed with melanin
Mixed in with the protien of Keratin
They slapped us with a label of being African American.
Yet we are descendants from one of the 12 tribes of Israel: Juah, Ephraim, Manasseh, Naphtali, Levi, Asher, Issachar, Gad, Zebulun, Reuben, Simeon, and Benjamin
We were taught to be Nurturing and feminine
Because we were raised to be young ladies, due to our body producing high levels of estrogen.
We are sweet like sugar but can be spicy like cinnamon.
We have an Aroma of shea butter, coconut, and honey
We are enlighten with wisdom, so we are far from a dummy.
We cant be bought be bought with your worldly money.
Even on a dark day you would think its sunny
Because our souls are so divine
that it's reflection from the inside will brighten the world like the The moon in the midnight's sky that shines.
We are Unashamed.
We can not be tamed
Inside us lies a firery passionate buring flame.
We have a Hebrew name.
We are not the same,
We are individually different and one of a kind.
We have a beautiful mind.
We are fruitful like ripen Grapes growing ravashingly on the branches from vine.
We age like fine wine.
We are not to be treated as devalued change such as quarters, pennies, nickles and dimes.
Our voices are delightfullly sweet just as the peaceful sound of musical wind chimes.
We tell stories through our dancing, words, paintings, songs, poems, verses, rhythms and rhymes.
We dont need makeup to cover up a blemish
Its just a sign that we have flaws and God's not finished.
The power of Yah flows from us graciously.
For Our beauty comes naturally.
Our souls are birth from the heavenly.
We speak Pleasantly.
Some have a complexion of Maghony.
But My skin tone is Vanilla bean
I get high off life like caffeine
I glisten like afro sheen.
I am a Hebrew Queen.
Thru the untrained eye my future cant be seen
The Most High is listening,
In his hands its our future he's shaping and  creating.

We Seek Yahwehs face for insight
Going through a transformation to get our souls right.
Taking a journey to new heights.
We stand out like highlights
Shining in the world of darkness like flashlights.
And Yeshua Hamashiach has our copyrights
We say it out Loud
We are Hebrew and We are proud!



    THIS IS SO SO BEAUTIFUL FRUITFUL SPIRIT ! As you know I treat all ladies with respect irrespective of class ~ color or creed. All the Jewish ladies I have met have been exceedingly beautiful and full of grace. True daughters of Abraham & Sarah. God made you perfect MY ANGEL and I am thrilled you appreciate that and have expressed your Pride as a Daughter of Jaweh in this perfect poem. Thanks for caring and sharing Love & Hugs in the Spirit ~ BRIAN

  • Augustus

    I love this poem. It is beautifully written and sends an important message. I grew up in the 40's and the culture back then had not progressed to appreciate all of the qualities of women and particularly women whose skin tone was different. I struggled with these issues as a young man. Thank you.

    • FruitfulSpirit

      Im glad you recieved and accepted the message God bless your soul! Thank you!

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