We go through life not knowing

whats coming up next, but we hope

that the best is yet to come.

And that we thrive and not just cope.


We ask for love to see us through

in all things that we do.

Because it makes our journeys

easier and I think that's true.


It's all a rollercoaster ride but

if we're lucky we have each other.

Through this journey called 'Life'

it's you I want, I wouldn't want another.

I'm so honored to be your wife!


  • P.H.Rose

    Like it a lot chrissy

  • WriteBeLight

    He is very lucky. Nice poem.

    • Christina8

      Thanks very much!


      THANKS CHRIS ~ You are very generous in sharing your love for your Husband (Lucky Man) with us all ! In my life (as in yours) LOVE is very very important. I have had many GF's but the height and depth of LOVE ~ i experience with ANGELA takes me to new levels. Thanks for sharing and for being an ENCOURAGER for me and all the other Members of MPS ! Big Spiritual Hugs ~ BRIAN

      • Christina8

        Like you~I do try and encourage others. But thanks so much for reviewing my poem with such encouragement of your own. I do write a lot of poems for him. Many I do not share. I am glad you found love too! Big hugs in the spirit--Christina

      • Tony36

        Great write

        • Christina8

          Thanks Tony!

          • Tony36


          • Vic E

            From a poem I wrote
            "But smooth seas do not a good sailor make
            Character’s born in life’s turbulent wake
            Someone said that life’s a roller coaster
            The ups and downs simply make us better"
            Yours is such a nice uplifting poem!

            • Christina8

              Thanks Vic that really means a lot coming from you!-Christina Yours is a nice poem too!

            • Augustus

              Lucky guy

              • Christina8

                Aww, thanks Augustus!--Christina

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