He transcends our poor human intellect

Like a snow capped mountain above a desert

He scatters the profound theories of Wise Men 

Like Autumn leaves blown by a Winter wind

He shatters the might of the World's Governments

As an earthquake levels a city !


GOD reaches down in tenderness to the 

Poor creatures of the Earth ~ And draws them to Himself

Consider with me the greatness of my GOD

Rejoice in His judgements ~ embrace His eternal love

Stand fast in your faith ~ corageous in your commitment

For He is truely the One and Only Great GOD !

Blessed are those who put their trust in HIM  ~ AMEN


Thanks for visiting ~ comments welcome ~ LOVE to all BRIAN


This poem is presented as Blank Verse  7 - 7  Sonnet


  • Tony36

    Great write really enjoyed reading it


    THANKS TONY ~ I knoiiw you always appreciate anything that brings GLORY to OUR GOD ~ AMEN ~ BRIAN

  • Augustus

    We need the wise men to help fix the world.


      Thanks "A" ~ I appreciate what you say ~ but like the WISE MEN from the EAST ~ Wise Men need to be guided by GOD to be effective ~ OK. BRIAN

    • Christina8

      I thought your sonnet was beautfiul , liked the metaphors of the first paragraph a lot! Job well done! Hugs in the spirit--Christina

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Thanks CHRIS ~ pleased you liked it ! I always like to ost a Spiritual Poem on a SUNDAY ~ Spiritual HUGS ~ BRIAN

      • Mari

        'Like a snow capped mountain above a desert

        He scatters the profound theories of Wise Men'

        Thinking that from the throne of God springs ' the river of life', this comparison between the 'theories of Wise Men ' and the snow scattered in the desert leads to the idea that any thought is sterile in the absence of love. The idea of 'frozen thought' is only suggested here - these unwritten epithets belong to your poem and make it be amazing.

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          Thanks MARI ~ pleased you liked it and with your poetic insight ~ perceived even more than I had penned. Thanks for being my MPS Friend ~ Yours BRIAN

        • gelyn

          A soul lifting piece. ..

          .He scatters the profound theories of Wise Men

          Like Autumn leaves blown by a Winter wind

          my favourite lines. ...

          well penned


          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            THANKS GEL ~ Pleased it struck a chord with you ~ AMEN ~ Yours BRIAN

          • Poetic Justice

            Brian, I love what you say on my poems...and I absolutely love yours. I hope that we can be great friends!

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              Thanks KIM ~ MPS is a very positive site an it does enable like minded people to share and care ! It's a pleasure to comment on your odes and to receive your comments on mine and I will look out for yours HUGS ~ BRIAN

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