Writer's Block

Thinking of something to write
Staring at my screen, day and night
Waiting for the right idea
But so far, nothing’s clear.

Writing opening lines over and over
Wishing I had a four-leafed clover
Delete the whole thing once more, and then
Repeat the whole cycle again.

Love, hate, dreams of past?
But not one theme, in my head, sticks fast
Turning them over in my mind
Good ideas are hard to find.

Then a thought pops in my head
Write about something else instead
Something that turns my brain to rock
That ‘something’ is Writer’s Block.

 When you're trying to find the right line
Or getting your thoughts to keep in time
But they keep on scrambling out of place
And you know that time's going to waste.

If you're trying to make a decent plan
But can't write it so you understand
And you'd rather not ask for a helping hand
Or leave your writing station unmanned.

Then Writer's Block
Is the thing you've got
And how to get rid of it?
I know not.



    BRILLIANT TYKY ~ I love your attitude ! You so wanted toi share a poem ~ that you wrote a poem ~ explaining why you did not have one to share ! WRITERS BLOC ~ Thanks for caring ~ Yours BRIAN

    • TyKy

      Thanks Brian!

    • Christina8

      Brilliant poem. We all get writers block. and you have expressed it well in rhyme! Great job!

      • TyKy

        Thank you!

      • P.H.Rose

        I love this poem, my cup of tea as we English like to say, I'm making it one of my favourites as I was trying to do something similar but couldn't nail it.... you have!!!!!

        • TyKy


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