CHRISTMAS has dozens of different SYMBOLS
Some Christian but most of them Secular
In the UK this years Stamps ~ secular
We have a Snowman ~ Robin ~ a Candle
A Christmas Tree and a Christmas Pudding
And a Christmas Stocking ~ any of these
Your favorite ? I like Christmas Carols best !
In the UK we don't have Thanksgiving
So Christmas starts now ~ in the middle of .........
November ! Santa arrives in the Stores
Shops are full of Christmas fare ~ and Windows
Are decorated with Christmas Scenes and .........
In our Churches ~ learning Christmas Carols !
Christmas celebrates the birth of JESUS !
Please add a poem on your favorite Christmas symbol ~ BRIAN
This poem is presented as a Blank Verse 7 - 7 Sonnet

My favourite thing about Christmas
Is being with family and friends
Those you don't spend time with
And seeing them once again.
But Christmas is loosing it's meaning
It's turning into gifts and toys
Another reason for presents
Instead of celebrating your life's joys.
That's why my favourite Christmas Symbol
Is remembering those you hold dear
Because even if you don't see them
In your heart, they're always near.

Another great symbol for me is .....
The word C H R I S T M A S ~ WHICH means the feast
Of the LORD JESUS CHRIST ~ What we
Celebrate id His 2016 Birthday
Because JESUS is alive ~ AMEN
We always have a Birthday Cake
With a single CANDLE which we light
Because JESUS id the LIGHT of the WORLD ~ AMEN
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my favorite part about Christmas it helping my family with the tree and decorating it and the house at the same time and waiting for Christmas morning to come and my other favorite thing about Christmas is waking up to see smiles on my family's face though it is a pain that every minute there has to be a picture taken. but still Christmas is the day our lord Jesus was born we are to celebrate it with love and kindness just as much of the kindness Jesus gave us!!! enjoy your Christmas everyone!!!!!!!!

What I love about Christmas is being able to
Give something to someone you love and
Seeing the response in their eyes..
It always seems so much more special
At Christmas than at any other time of
The year, birthdays etc.
For me in this world there are Givers,
and there are Takers....
I am very much a giver......not just in
Gifts but in, time,friendship,help,
Advice and a Shoulder to cry on...
So for me the symbol of Giving!!!


C is for the Christ Child born upon this day
H for Herald Angels ~ singing in the night
R is our Redeemer sent from heaven to Earth
I stands for Isreal ~ place of Jesu's birth
S is for the Natal Star it shines so bright
T H R E E is for Three Wise Men ~ from afar
M is for the Manger where he so quietly lay
A is all Christ stands for ~ then & every day
S means Shepherds came to worship in the hay !
Put them all together they spell CHRISTMAS
and that's why there's a Christmas Day
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My favorite part of the Christmas season
Is the message that it holds
We celebrate Christ's birthday,
which goes often untold.
And though Christmas isn't an exact date
Its reason is what is most important
We should not be sad nor should we hate
Christmas is about loving,
as Christ Jesus did when he gave his life for us.
This is the real reason for Christmas.
Don't say Happy Holidays.... It should be Merry Christmas....

See among the Winter's snow
Born for us on Earth below
See the Lamb of God appears
Promised from eternal years
See ~ within a manger lies
He who formed the starry skies
He who throned in height sublime
Sat among the Cherubim
Say you watching Shepherds say
What your joyful news today
Wherefore haveyou left your sheep
On the lonely Mountain steep
Hail thou ever blessed morn
Hail redemptions happy dawn
Sing through all Jesusalem
Thanks for reading ~ more poems please ~ BRIAN !

The love you get on a Christmas time
When you are allowed to spend more than a dime
But do you really need the present
at least try to remember your descent
we all are drowned by the living lights
but most forgets our Jesus Christ
Never forget why this celebration was made
not for Santa his Elves but for Jesus' fade

CHRISTMAS is a time for love
Fora homeless child a pair of gloves
We pack shoe boxes in our Towns
Chocolate books and dressing gowns
Eastern Europe still quite poor
Kids in Romania needing more
No beds ~ sleeping on the floor
About £5 to fill a box ~ don't go wild
For Franklin Graham and CHRISTMAS CHILD !
LOVE at CHRISTMAS~ the best yet
Is what you GIVE ~ not what you GET !
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  • Comment from author about the poem: Thye Celebration of Christmas on 25 December (or 6 January) is a Worldwide event. It celebrates the most important event in Huam History ~ The Incarnation and Birth of Jesus Christ the Son of God on Earth about 2016 years ago. 25 December is the official birthday of Jesus (established by the Church in the 4th Century) it is not His actual Birthday ! We changed the date from BC (before Christ) to AD (anno domini ~ in the year of our Lord) so important was th event ! Christmas has become secularised and pagan symbols like mistletoe ~ trees ~ orgies (feastings) ~ Santa and his elves etc introduced. The best symbol for Christmas is the Virgin Mary and her Child. In the USA they issue four secular stamps and a famous painting of the Virgin & Child selected from an American Art Gallery. Most Christmas Cards no longer show a Biblical Theme ! Thanks for reading ~ Love to All ~ BRIAN
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