A Rose 🌹


A moment of clarity I think is the word, 

when you realize what someone said are just words to be heard, 

All these feelings are not a reflection of you, 

but a projection of pain they try to put you through,

the kind heart you see is actually an act, 

peices of previous woman he's prayed on and attacked.

listen to my gut as I rember who I am,

blinded by the insicurities of this troubled man.

Man ? No he's a child, rough and unkind,

only things worth doing are the things on HIS mind.

This flower will continue to blossom and stretch

towards the radiance of life which you tried to make me forget.

I pray for your soul and the people you use,

everything happens for a reason is the motto I choose. 

Serindipity is tattooed under my arm, a reminder of men who tried to cause me harm.

Amazing things happen unexpectedly everyday,

I try to see the good in all that people say.

maybe that's my downfall I'm too naive to see

patiently waiting for a day that's just for me.

A life lesson learened not everything is as it seems.




You notice how I refer to myself as a flower,

its a method I use to try to regain power. Power over my self esteem which has been corroded by Evil,

my step father was a man of the devil. 

I try to continue on each day, building myself back up with affirmations I say.

25 years but I feel oh so much older, the spirit inside me heavy as a boulder.

I carry it inside me trying to lessen the wait, every word and emotion banging at my gate.

It happened at such a young age, I learned the evils of the world and my heart was saved.

saved me the trouble of finding out later on,

some men are there for you and the next they are gone.

One mother one brother this is all that I have, 

And the spirit of the Universe holding my hand. 

Untill I can master the art of love,

I'll keep praying to the healer who watches from above. 

Teach me patience and forgiveness for this boy that I'm with, I know there's a lesson in every relationship.

Everything is a blessing or lesson I once read 

Not every man is bad, I repeat in my head.

Grow on little rose but keep your thorns sharp, 

many will come along to try and win your heart. 

One day I will know when I look into his eyes. I'll see a soul made for mine and I won't be able to deny..

fairytale? Maybe but it won't ever stop me from hoping,

Untill than I'll keep blossoming and growing.

finding love for myself and all the others like me,

I want to become the person I want to meet.






  • Author: MisKylie (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 23rd, 2016 12:56
  • Comment from author about the poem: I feel it's important to be open in such a suppressed world. Rawness and vulnerability are my weakness and greatest strength. I hope this inspires you.
  • Category: Forgiveness
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  • Yorke

    Wonderfully complete, beautifully expressed.

    • MisKylie

      Thank you very much !


      BEAUTIFULLY PENNED ~ KYLIE ~ and a very full confession. I found it powerful ~ I trust you found it cathartic. Not all Men are like that many of us are kind loving understanding and learned from our Mothers ~ How to treat a Lady ~ as a beautiful and delicate flower ! Thinking of you and Praying for you ~ Your MPS Friend ~ BRIAN

      • MisKylie

        Thank you very much ! It's a process but I'm learning.

      • WriteBeLight

        Forget about the grammatical critique. Your message was quite clear. Nice.

        • MisKylie

          🙂 thank you very much for your kind words.

        • Tony36

          Awesomely wonderful write

        • SabreLi

          I think this is a wonderful piece of art! I can get a sense of your personality through the things that you say and the goodness within you shines brightly throught the messages you portray. A fantastic work, please share more 😀 xx

          • MisKylie

            Thank you 😊 more to come

          • IAmBeu

            I actually cried while reading this, I hope that you continue to be vulnerable and honest like this because i believe that this is where our true strength lies. Bravo!

          • MisKylie

            Thank you !

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