Hard Love

Poetic Justice

I want your love forever

That's why we keep coming together

But it seems like our love is pointless, it keeps changing like the weather

But we keep comin’ back stronger

Well we go back to the same place, conversations getting longer

We fight harder when we're with each other

But when we're away I can't feel your loving

I'm scared that one day you might move forward

Which makes me hold on to each word...

But every time you utter a response it's unsure

Cause I'm not positive that this true love is pure

Then it's not true love it's fake and a blur

Then what is these moments we have together?

Are the feelings a lie altogether...

The world will never know but I'm guessing that I must tell you, we’re breaking up and I think it’s for the better

Well before we say goodbye, the girl inside is glad you met her


  • Author: Poetic Justice (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 24th, 2016 14:36
  • Comment from author about the poem: This poem is dedicated to a dear friend...
  • Category: Love
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    WELCOME KIMBERLEY ~ THANKS FOR YOUR FIRST POEM ~ WHICH I ENJOYED ! Well structured and bursting with rhyme and rhythm ! BUT ~ I found the context a little sad. In my experience LOVE is a rocky road of ups & downs and Ins & outs. But on the whole I always say "Better to have loved and lost ~ than have never loved at all !" What we do gain is experience and resolve. This sentiment is beautifully echoed in your last line "Well before we say goodbye ~ the girl inside is glad you met her" hanks for caring ~ Yours BRIAN

  • Tony36

    Welcome to MPS, Great write

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