The color Blue

The tender rain fell gently upon her.
Calming the raging storm inside.
Blurring lights and a surging pain.
Crystal blue tears washed away.
She's now floating on clouds all day.
She's soaring thought the sky.
On her way to Paradise.
Splashing here, crashing there, laughter flying everywhere.
Diving down deep she can't see.
Breaking free she sighs relief.
She is now forever free.




    WELCOME SILVER ~ Thanks for your elegant first poem ~ which fizzes with rhyme and rhythm ! I love the theme ~ "The song of a soul set free !" Modern life is a strain and your poem sees "death" (however accomplished ?) as a prelease to paradise. The opening four lines suggst a violent death and then release ! "Now she's floating on clouds all day ................ She is now forever free ! The first lines made me sad at the loss the final ones made me very happy ~ PARADISE REGAINED ! A beautiful poem in both structure and substance ~ more please. Thanks you for caring and sharing Yours BRIAN

  • Elegant_Style

    This is an amazing poem and I am so glad you have taken it upon yourself to share!! Thank you and God Bless

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