Aa Harvey





I and I alone can never be called a clone,

Of a man that I am, for it is here that I stand

And alone I stand telling you of a plan,

That was formed inside a mind;

Skip a line or tell it twice.



Never good enough to just give up,

Never going to give a second look,

At the man who disagrees, who is he?

Who am I?  Just a man passing by.

Side by side we live this life,

But we are very different, he and I.



What am I to become?

Just another falling sun?

I pass the time by writing rhymes,

To a beat; I move my feet.

To a sound my thoughts are written down,

As I drown in my own disdain.



Once again, once again, never again will I be the same.

Light the fire inside my brain, let it burn; let it show,

I am real and I am a ghost.

At my best I am still in a mess,

But nobody knows, because nobody spoke.

As the silence fills the room, the door closes with a boom!

The lights are turned out now and all that is left is the gloom.



Take it back, I cannot give it;

Words written down are no longer secret.

Who has the key and where do they keep it?

Isn’t knowledge for us all?  Tell me where do they hide it?



Feed on words; take them in, fool the world with a grin.

Nobody knows the pain I keep within;

Let my words creep under your skin.

I am a fire, inside a truth telling liar and he needs to breathe me out.

Strike a chord with a clout, keep it in or let it out,

Just do not let me see you again; with me or without.



Shatter glass, show my mind,

There is nothing left to find.

This is it; all I am is just a man with a plan,

An idea formed long ago.

Still time ticks by and nobody knows,

Who I am or what I want;

I want to change but not confront,

For he is standing by,

With that look in his eyes.

He is a stranger,

As am I.

The man in the mirror is the man that I fear.

So I make him disappear by turning out the light.



(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.


  • WriteBeLight

    Oscar Wilde said, "Be yourself. Everyone else is taken." I liked your poem.

    • Aa Harvey

      Thank you.

    • Tony36

      Awesome Awesome write

      • Aa Harvey

        I'm glad you liked it. Thanx.

        • Tony36


        • Rosethebrokenhearted

          This was such an awesome liege to read. Thank you for your time.

          • Aa Harvey

            Thank you for taking the time to read it.

          • P.H.Rose

            Great poem...
            Well done...

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