Happened across the presence of an angel,
Who's mind so raw and filled with danger,
I could not look away as she flew towards,
Her wings burning holes through my walls.
Her light shining through the essence of my soul,
Leaving me helpless, yet still full of joy.
As I longingly gazed right upon her,
With teary eyes eternally full of wonder,
I finally realized I could never resist,
Since such a gorgeous creature could only exist
In my deepest, darkest dreams,
Those which should never persist.
Yet I as a fool still standing, waiting
Got caught in the fire that is her being.
No one should ever feel the all encompassing,
Mind bending, soul wrenching feeling
Of caring for another, whose heart long ago stopped beating.
For if I could abandon these so quickly, so easily,
Maybe loving one another would be infinitely eerie.
To love someone means truly believing,
While protecting and adoring with all of your being.
No matter how much it hurts and pains,
I'll always be there, through misery and sin,
I'll sacrifice myself again and again
For the love that I feel, can never take end.
Every time I hold her and her heart nears mine,
For a blissful second It will all feel sublime,
Until the cruel torment of reality wakes me abruptly
Only to realize, it shall never be.
Nothing makes sense, my mind and heart both racing,
Sinister thoughts filling every days moments
Each passing moment fueling and intensifying,
The infinite chaos that holds me,
The mere thought of it, terrifying .
For I feel myself many times full of unending rage,
Anger and sorrow encompassing each and every day,
At every turn stripping away a part of my being,
Leaving me to wonder, will I ever be whole again?
Tears of sorrow running across my cheeks,
For someone who never truly could care for me.
All that time spent in the captivity of suffering,
For one whose heart long ago stopped beating.
Never have I thought that the end would be here,
Yet as I stand here defeated, I finally feel,
That the world that I live in is not one for me,
And I hate to admit it but I'm not one for it.

  • Author: Akai (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 25th, 2016 18:58
  • Category: Love
  • Views: 70
  • User favorite of this poem: Elegant_Style.
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  • Elegant_Style

    Wowowowowow!!! This is so amazing and I cannot even write how much emotion you have put into your poem. It is so great and I don't even have words to describe!! Keep Writing!!


    WELCOME AKAI ~ Thanks for a very very emotional first poem. I agree with ELEGANT ~ it is amazing ! For me it sumarises the feelings stirred in me "By all the GIRLS I've ever known" All my encounters have left me richer and much wiser and when GOD created Eve his Paradise on earth was complete. I've been kniocked down but never knocked out and I'm always (like the Fool on the Hill) ready for the next Beautiful Lady that crosses my path ! The secret is AKAI is to never be DEFEATED ~ Please check my poems ~ Yours BRIAN

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