I met a girl today, but she lives about a world away, shes not extraterrestrial, but her love seems that way, im really down for her, but somethings standing in the way,, this new girl is so beautiful, its different, nothing im used to, she acts like she has a boyfriend, if so she loves him... So now im falling, free fall isnt a such bad thing, until you fall for someone , they dont catch you, now you're crashing, Drake, weeknd, Chris Brown , in my ear blasting, trynna lose feeling, but these feelings just  keep on lasting, i know she  tired of the questions i keep asking,but im tired of the feelings she keeps masking. 




    THANKS FRIEND ~ for a very challenging first poem with a touch of FANTASY. I'm a GUY and I can resonate with the scenario you present. I have often fallen in love witha FANTASY GIRL and the closer I try to get to her the further she seems to move away. Girls are wonderful(when you catch them !) BUT ~ they do lead us a chase. Thanks for sharing ~ more please ! Please check my poems ~ Yours BRIAN

    • Kidwxnder

      Thank you i will look at your work right now, im glad you enjoyed it

    • Silvertulip

      With the title you used I was expecting something else yet your writing was gracious and welcoming surprise. I was wonderful I like the line " but these feeling just keep lasting" it's something a lot of people can relate to. Thanks for sharing you writing~ silver

      • Kidwxnder

        thank you i appreciate the feedback silver , i have more coming soon! stay tuned

      • SabreLi

        Thank you for your writing - I can see that Chris Brown is an inspiration of yours but I must say I prefer your work to his 🙂 This is something alot of people can relate to and it flows well. Nice work, look forward to seeing some more 🙂 xx

        • Kidwxnder

          THANKS BRO!!!!

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