Eye in the sky


Eye in the sky
Sharon Maria Moemise

Witness to the days of slavery and segregation
To where nations gathered, begging to be heard
Seeing the tears from our planet's lamentation
For wrongs that won't be righted on dear Mother Earth

Bloated babies, parents bemoaning their demise
Fat cats watching, rolling in ill-begotten wealth
Mothers weeping, young girls' deflowered, despised
By monsters who sow the seeds of disease and death

Gun- toting tots trained to maim and murder their own
Starvation and death feeling like the only way out
of a world owned by thugs where devil seed is sown
While feasting on drugs, murder and mayhem

While I look around at the destruction of Gods creations
Plundering and damage caused by human invention
I yearn for a moment's indulgence of heaven's purity
Without being burdened by thoughts of life's insecurities

Eye in the sky looking but hardly seeing the sufferings
of babies born in the streets, mothers begging for a place
To lay their heads and to ease their children's crying
shouting in agony, weeping in mourning for the human race

  • Author: SharonMoemise (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 26th, 2016 17:59
  • Category: Sociopolitical
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    WELCOME SHARON ~ Thanks you for a very angst ridden first poem ~ lamenting Man's inhumanity to Man. We always have to remember that GOD IS SOVEREIGN and the He is an all seeing EYE IN THE SKY. SATAN is loose in the earth and is the author of all the sin and depravity in the WORLD ~ BUT ~ The tim is coming when SATAN will be destroyed for ever and the REDEEMED of the LORD wil be transported to HEAVEN and the will be no more inequality or pain or crying and we will be forever in Heaven with the LORD. This is what the BIBLE teaches ~ just have FAITH ! Thinking of you ~ YOURS ~ BRIAN

    • SharonMoemise

      Thank you, for your comment, Brian. It is well received and encouraging. Thank you very much


      Very well written and true in many ways...but we MUST all co-create a new existence in this new millennium...we must stick together ..we must unify...and we MUST manifest a prettier picture...

      • SharonMoemise

        Thank you, Pharaoh 33. There are so many of Man's inhumanities that goes unpunished and unnoticed. I only think it fair to be mentioned so as to be able to move forward. Thanks for your comment.

      • SabreLi

        This is an amazing piece, excellently written and so full of truth and pure emotion. Yet through all of the honesty you do not fail to create a structured masterpiece of poetry brimming from start to finish with important messages and drawing attention to difficult times. It is a crying shame that such evils exist in our world, but we must all do what we can to correct what is within our power, and you do so elegantly by shining the spotlight xx

        • SharonMoemise

          I thank you from deep inside for your wonderful comment. I'm encouraged to bring out more such pieces of poetry. Thank you, SabreLi.

        • willyweed

          wonderful work here Sharon, so sad but true what horror that we have made the norm! God help us all to change our ways. peace ww

          • SharonMoemise

            Very encouraging comment WW. I appreciate it.

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