Nurses--An Acrostic

Nurturing and caring men and women

Understanding and hard working

Respectful of privacy, it's a must

Sometimes difficult, usually rewarding

Encouraging to the ill and their families

So compassionate to our patients


  • WriteBeLight

    I have had surgeries in my life and I always have very much appreciated them. They are extremely special. Most recently, I made a special trip back to the hospital and left a huge cake and other items to show my appreciation. As a result, the supervisor of the nurses called me personally to thank me! Great Poem!

    • Christina8

      Well thank you. Even though I am one, I appreciate nurses too. Thanks for your comments!

      • WriteBeLight

        And, it takes one to know one...)

      • Tony36

        Great write

        • Christina8

          Thank you!

          • Tony36


          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            HI CHRISTINA ~ ALL NURSES ~ IN MY EXPERIENCE ~ really are Angels ! When GOD created EVE he created a Perfect Nurse. You all make being ill and in hospital ~ bearable. Some of the most perfect Ladies I have known have been in the caring professions My current GF (as you know) is a Physio and an excellent Masseuse ! Spiritual and Therapeutic HUGS ~ Your best patient BRIAN (must go now ~ dinner time !)

            • Christina8

              Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! Hugs in spirit--Christina (have a great dinner!)

            • Augustus

              Nice recognition to an under appreciated profession.

              • Christina8

                Thanks very much!

              • Neville

                Well constructed and essentially very true................. Neville

                • Christina8

                  Thanks again....:-) Christina

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