He breathed deeply and repeatedly to no

avail as the air tried was dry and pale.                    

The masseur buried labor through muscle

and skin searching in vain for the life force

within. The loss of energy was profound

from everywhere and all around. Music

and movement cried and pried but both

fire and drive seemed to have died. Outside–

Out playing with stamina and zeal tripped

and fell on a nutritious meal. Where there

was color now there was shade, and there

in the shadows doubt preyed.




Augustus / Folsom, LA / November 2016

  • Author: Augustus (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 29th, 2016 12:49
  • Comment from author about the poem: When a search is made to increase/improve body energy one will find some basics on the list: movement, deep breathing, listening to music, going outside and massage. Chakra healing techniques often use color to help explain the way our cells emit energy.
  • Category: Sad
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  • The 2 A.M Writer

    Very captivating with it's words. Really enjoyed reading this

    • Augustus

      Thanks. Appreciate the feedback.

    • Tony36

      Really enjoyed it. Great write

      • Augustus

        Thanks Tony

        • Tony36


        • WriteBeLight

          Wow Augustus. I love how you touched upon those things you mention in your author's comment. This poem reminds me of the good and bad days you say you have. Can you write one about your good days in comparison?

          • Augustus

            You are exactly right. I have had many bad days of late. It seriously affects my ability to think and write. I'm not sure about the good ones. I still have a dozen or so that I wrote years ago that need a little tweaking.

            • WriteBeLight

              Ok. Look forward to those you are editing. Sorry about the bad days of late. Great to see that you are posting poems through all of this. You may not agree, but I think you still have a lot of mental strength. Hope I am not a PITA (pain in the ass).....:)

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              VITALITY is an elusive concept "A" but for me it MUST begin in the morning ! I rise about 6:30 am ~ I live and sleep alone (most nights !) so i can set my own MANTRAS ! Pray to my Creator first ~ Then shower and shave after about ten minutes exercise. Breakfast at 7pm always Banana (in honor of my Simian forbears) Toast with marmalade and a small coffee and a l;rage glass of milk ! I'm too young to be on any medication and I NEVER take supplements ! Listen to news read paper ~ 'til 7:45 am then a short walk in the grounds I live in a apartment block. I leave for work @ 8pm BIKE in SPRING ~ SUMMER ~ AUTUMN ~ Car in Winter ! This simple regime maintains my vitality but I do have massages and a swim at Work (a College) I'm 5' 11" and maintain my weight (important !) at about 175 pounds ~ OK I lke to keep young and keep vital ! Yours BRIAN

            • Augustus

              Thanks for the comments and interest. I have been pleasantly surprised to finally harvest my own bananas from "trees" I planted years ago. Each year prior to this the frost kills the crop before maturity. I now have 2 complete stalks each with a dozen or so hands of bananas that will ripen slowly in my barn over the next month. ( cut the stalk green and hang it in a warm dry place ) Hugs.

            • willyweed

              you are a very good writer Augustus. I salute you! ww

              • Augustus

                Wow, ww, thanks a bunch.

              • avigail

                great write Augustus, be well my dear friend

                • Augustus

                  I'm sitting in a chemotherapy infusion chair as write this. Thanks.

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