Homework, Schoolwork
Practise GCSEs
When I try to do my Math
My brain starts to freeze.

Geography, History
Languages too
How to translate German
I still don’t have a clue.

Textiles, Graphics
Art is a bore
Taught shade and tone
But not how to draw.

The level of stupidity
When doing P.E
For girls, it’s gymnastics
But I say football’s for me.

When doing sports
I can’t even choose
So if I don’t do well
What’s there to lose?

Sorted into sets
Who’s smart or not
Always getting the teacher
Who seems to shout a lot.

Detentions after school
If you don’t behave in class
But if I didn’t do anything wrong
Sorry, I’ll pass.


  • Augustus

    No interest in art or music, yet your words and rhythm are extremely artistic and could easily be adapted to music.

  • Tony36

    I agree this would sound great with music. Great write

  • WriteBeLight

    You are not weird. Your poem comes from your wonderful talent. Full of great rhyme!


    THANKS TYKY ~ For a great poem lamenting the weirdness of SCHOOL. The key subjects for life are SCIENCE ~ MATH ~ ENGLISH and IT all the other things Music ~ Art ~ Dance ~ Football ~ Cookery ~ Love etc you learn growing up on the street. However they say your School Days are the happiest days of your life ~ so ENJOY and always be yourself ! HUGS ~ BRIAN

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