This Christmas


This Christmas
Sharon Moemise
Christmas Day we'll pump up the beat
Then baste our turkey, and bathe in the heat
How I wish this time for a bit of rain or snow
In my country, Africa, it's midsummer, though
My Christmas tree is made of dry sticks
It's decorated with anything from twigs to bricks
No colorful lights, just African stars
And a prayer for those fighting our wars
No eggnog, with cinnamon, just good ol' ginger beer
All kinds of cooking smells to feel the festive cheer
A lot of food to feed more than a town's family
And a pint of love to complete Christmas's hospitality
Toys for the kids who can afford to have some
Father Christmas provides for those who have none
Our Christmas traditions differ, whether friend or foe
But the kiss of love exists for all under the mistletoe.

Meeting and Greeting and Eating with Friends
I always drink in moderation
And never exceed my expectation
I usually drive so others can sloop
And I never suffer from BREWERS DROOP
I always try to remember the Poor
And on BOXING DAY we open the Door
Of the Church for those who had no
Christmas Dinner every year a WINNER.
Christmas is a time for CARING
We who have too much ~ A time for SHARING !
So when you munch on a TURKEY BONE
Think of those starving who have no HOME
We have a choice of STARTERS & SWEETS
While some have nothing and sleep on the STREETS !
This poem is presented as a MEGASONNET ~ 6 6 4 !

Christmas comes but once a year
On December twenty fifth
Let's ramp up the christmas cheer
And break out the christmas gifts
Gifts are here and cards are there,
Trees and lights galore
Wine and turkey everywhere
How could anyone want more?
But while we frolic amongst the love
Let us also remember
Those less fortunate than us
On the twenty fifth of December
For Christmas isn't always
A time of joy and mirth
And let's today of all days
Spare a thought for planet Earth
For those stuck in battlefields
And those sick in distant lands
Let's hope their wounds this year are healed
And they're held by loving hands
While we continue to celebrate
And feed the festive spirit
It's not a time to forget our fate
And those who are caught up in it

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