Dead and Gone

there’s this girl

that I once knew

she has cuts on her wrist

and an eating disorder to

she’ll take a sharp razor

and slice up her skin

to where she sees stars

she knew she lost the fight

that she wouldn’t win

it was all over

the depression had won

she’d like to say goodbye

that she can’t do this anymore

she doesn’t want you to worry

she’s happier now

her pain is all gone

just remember world

this is what you have done



    Ohhhhhhhhhh VICTORIA ~ Another poem where you remember your cuttings and the temporary release and relief they gave you f Yes ANGEL th e World is a hard place and when it treats us badly we all want to give in and quench our pain with blood letting or drugs or alcohol or even suicide ! I am thrilled the GIRL is happier now and I am praying that her pain really is ALL GONE ~ FOREVER ! Love and Hugs ~ BRIAN

    • berdnt_victoria

      My pain is still here... but worse then before...

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