Sick Shit

"Sick shit", you say as you read the headlines about rape.
That's all you have to say after your father should've been in one of those headlines.
"Sick shit" is all you have to say when your daughter was a victim.
While you're right, and I agree, there's so much more to say.
So many more obscenities, so many more vicious words, so much more screaming, going through my mind.
Yet, "sick shit" is all you have to say.



    THANKS KITTY ~ Makes me ashamed to be a MAN ~ What's wrong with these damn RAPISTS who can't keep their pecker in their pants. Some GIRLS are scarred for life just to satisfy one IDIOTS lust for up ! CASTRATION is too good fro them ! In some States in the USA they have special chairs ~ just sit the rarpist down ~ attach the electrodes (you know where) and pull the switch ~ AMEN ~ Hugs ~ BRIAN

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