The Soul of Lotus Flower

Shining in the shadows of the night
Radiently glowing like a Nothern star at Twilight.
From the darkest thickest mud of nature I rise
Seeing how I grow is a element of surprise
thru the Human's naked eyes
Im surrounded by the troubling waters
And yet my pedals dont get wet.
Once I take a deep breathe in
A New adventure will soon to begin
As I let my life unfold
Look at The Beauty of Yah's Work, Behold.
Standing tall, so beautiful and Bold.
Shimmering like nuggets of Gold.
As still as the sight of Winters beauty, So Cold!
Beyond the grandeur of my splendor is a story left untold.
Breaking out from the Dimness of the gloom
Becoming Like a lotus flower to blossom and bloom.
Breaking thru from the darkness of my past.
Thank Almighty I am free at last.
In my yesterdays I was a caterpillar and Today Im a butterfly
Metaphorically speaking the new me is living so the old ugly me had to die.
Like water is to the body being washed clean I am purified.
Positioned like a Tower.
Inside Lies Source of Power.
I have a soul of the lotus flower.
Im not the one to use a cliche
But on this very Day I can feel your vibes coming my way As I close my eyes and bow my head to pray
To you all who reading these words Namaste!



    BEAUTIFUL SPIRIT ~ A wonderful testimony to being BORN AGAIN and the release and power and love and freedom that comes from knowing JESUS ~ Thanks for sharing ~ HUGS BRIAN Pl;ease check my poems ~ Thanks B

  • Tony36

    Beautifully written poem

  • FruitfulSpirit

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