The HOLOCENE PERIOD began 12.000 years ago ~ 10,000 BC ~ after the last ice age. The HUMAN POPULATION was less tha 2 million.  By 1950 the Human Population was 2.5 billion and because of their number and technological activity and urbanisation the Human Race was adversely and irreversibly  affecting the Earth's Evironment.  In the last 70 years the Human Population has trebled (7.4 billion). 1950 was the beginning of the ANTHROPOCENE PERIOD !


A  NTHROPOCENE  Geological Period

N  EW  since  1950  ~ caused by Human

T  ECHNOLOGICAL  and Industial activity

H  EATING  of the Earth ~ called Global Warming ~ is

R  ESPONSIBLE  for profound irreversible climate changes !

O  RDINARILLY  the Earth's systems (Wind Cycles ~ Water Cycle etc.)

P  ROVIDED  a control system and restored EQUILIBRIUM 

O  VER  the past seventy years (since 1946) Human influence has   

C  AUSED  overload in the control systems ~ and 

E  QUILIBRIUM  has NOT been restored ~ and Gobal Warming has

N  OT  decreased but increased ~ ice caps are melting ~ Planet

E  ARTH  is changing ~ due to Man ~ THE ANTHROPOCENE PERIOD !


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  • Published: December 12th, 2016 04:54
  • Comment from author about the poem: SINCE THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION ~ The atmospheric carbon dioxide (a Greenhouse Gas) had doubled from 180 parts per million to 360 ppm. This has resulted in an average global temperature increase from 15 to 16 C. This has cause the irreversible melting of the Polar Ice Caps and a rise in sea level which results in coastal flooding and loss of arable land. On estimate for sea rise over the next 100 years is 24 inches (60 cms) . These disastrous environmental effects are all MAN MADE which is why we have now passed from the HOLOCENE to the ANTHROPOCENE PERIOD. Please comment ~ Love BRIAN XOX
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