K.T Williams

I stay awake at night
Pondering what is wrong with me
I mean there must be something, right?
I mean how can there not be?
I feel like I give and give
And I try to better myself
But I'm still alone

I was raised to be independent
To not rely on anyone else
To be self sufficient
And maybe I learnt it a little too well

Because now all I want is to walk the earth
With someone whom I love and whom loves me
Someone who I can open up to
And be my true self
Someone who betters me and whom I better

But there has to be something wrong with me
Because no man seems to want that
At least with me
I mean I have quite a few friends
Whom are male
My best friend is a guy
But to others I suppose that I'm considered undesirable
I don't understand
Am I doing something wrong
Is it because Im not a size 4
Or is it because my personality is too much

  • Author: K.T. Williams (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: December 14th, 2016 00:30
  • Category: Unclassified
  • Views: 20
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  • Quemis

    What if the best romantic love you could possibly find was not the most intense and fulfilling experience you could have as a human?

    What if you just assume that it is because that is what you have been taught?

    There is so much more to this life then romantic love - although - I feel your pain, we all do.

    Give it more time, and stop waiting.

    • Quemis


    • Tony36

      Very well written and expressed

    • SabreLi

      I love how your vulnerability shines through - such a difficult thing to achieve, I've always believed that poetry is at its best and its success can be measured by the emotion it evokes xx

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