I mean nothing to you which is ok because I'm starting to realise where I stand and that is somewhere above the sky, you're opinions don't matter to me anymore, I'm a strong independent woman who doesn't need to rely on love and surely doesn't need to constantly think about what you may think about me, because today I set my barriers high, I stand tall in my two sexy feet and I can finally say you were just a temporarily lesson for me to know my worth. My worth! Something I should of taken into consideration and something I should have known years ago but with a lot of distractions it ran away but tonight I'm faster than Usain Bolt and I'm going to catch my worth and my standards and no one can stop especially not you.

W ORTHINESS is a very important trait
O NE should always seek to be worthy ~ So
R EALISE what it entails ~ It is being
T RUE to onself ~ and setting really
H IGH standards which you live up to 24/7
Y OU will have respect for yourself and of others.
A WORTHY person makes a great friend ~ cos
S OME of their WORTHINESS rubs of on you !
I STRIVE to be WORTHY in all I do and say !
C AN I keep it up ? Not on my own ~ So I
A LWAYS rely on my Friends (and GOD) ~ I
N EED them to make sure I can in all things
B E WORTHY of My Family My Country and My GOD
E XPEREINCE WORTHINESS for yourself ~ it is awesome !
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I think in my attempt to validate my existance.
I missunderstood thinking I needed your assistance
My internal struggle to tame my insecurities.
Allowed me to think you could solve my inpurities.
But my flaws are part of a greater picture.
I was a fool to believe you a permanent fixture.
You didnt know me and you failed to try.
My faith in you unrealisticly high.
You are just another person like me.
Something I think you fail to see.
Easier to cast a stone than to accept reality.
But my resolve solidified with a finality.
Thanks for turning your back and losing Faith.
Because in myself I found what you lost.

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